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This page is intended for the benefit of those who would like to know more about Subtle Energy, especially in relationship to our products. The questions below are those that have been sent to us by email, and have only been edited to improve clarity.

Q. What is Subtle Energy?

What we call "Subtle Energy" is the non-material fabric of the Universe, limitless, infinate, everywhere, but in everything. It is the Energy and Power of God.

At its source it is Formless and "Colourless" yet it easily takes on characteristics when these are applied to it by the mind of God, or Man. It is really a type of light, yet it has some similarities with electricity (it can be fed down a wire). It is very amenable to doing anything you want it to do, but it must be firmly commanded, or it will return quickly to its original characteristics.

This same energy radiates through different types of matter, and in each case the type of the matter causes the energy to have particular properties. Other people might say conversely that it is the type of energy in a thing which causes it to be that type of matter. They would also not be wrong.

Q. Where does this Energy come from?

It is difficult to talk about the source without being metaphysical, or without trying to define the nature of God. Qabbalah teaches that the source of all creation comes from the "Veils of Negative Existance", or the "Primeval Waters", and for some that can be taken as being the source. Other more materialist minds might prefer the explanation that it is a form of radiation from the Atom, and again they would not be wrong.

Q. What proof is there that your products work?

You must understand that these devices utilise "Subtle Energy", which is like Chi or Prana and this is not easily detectable and measurable objectively. Whilst there are a few scientists experimenting in this field, frequently their research results are discounted by scientific bodies who cannot accept that such things are possible, even when proof is given to them.

Consequently the best proof is the "taste it and see" approach, or subjective testing. A person who frequently takes a particular Homoeopathic Remedy knows when they have taken the right remedy because they can feel the effect. If they are given another remedy or something which isn't potentised they will know it. If a remedy is made up on the Energy Copier which is the same vibration as what they usually take, that person will be able to tell if the remedy is the same or different.

Another effective test is called Applied Kinesiology. Using this method people are given a remedy and their muscles are tested for strength. If a person is tested and the Kinesiologist finds that a certain muscle is weak, that person can then stand next to a charged object, such a Geopathic Reverser, and that muscle will suddenly become strong. This test has been done many times by a practitioner in England, who uses it to show that many illness are caused by Geopathic Stress. The same testing method is used to find Allergies in a person, by placing a material next to them (often on the Solar Plexus) that is suspected and a muscle, (frequently the Supraspinatus Central) is then tested for strength.

Another interesting approach would be testing by Galvanic Skin Reponse. It has been well documented that changes in a persons emotional state and stress levels will cause changes in their skin conductivity, and this effect is frequently used in simple Lie Detectors and in Stress Monitoring Systems. It has also been used in Allergy testing.

In this case a patient who is hooked up to a GSR device is given a tiny sample of a substance they have an allergy to. Imediately there is a resonse which is measurable on a meter. Now it is equally possible to use an Energy Copier to make a vibrational Energy Remedy of the same allergen, and test the patient with that. Even more interesting is the fact that certain animals could be hooked up in this way, and even plants. Consequently it would be possible to setup an arrangement wherby the leaf of a certain plant is placed in the receive well of the Energy Copier, and the vibrations of Sunlight, or water, or plant fertilizer would be transmitted to it. The same plant would be hooked up to a GSR, and it could be expected that at the exact same moment that the Energy Copier is switched on, there would be a measurable reponse from the plant.

Q. Is there any instruments that can prove that the devices are functioning?

I would be very convenient if I could tell you an easy way to objectively test the products but I am afraid there are none. This is a science in its infancy and not enough money has been made available for objective research. However is anyone reading this would like to provide us with funds, we are quite confident that we could come up with suitable detection instrumentation. It is possible that a D.C Pulse Kirlian Camera could photograph subtle energy radiating from a potentised object, but there would not be any real certainty of what you would be photographing.

It is known that when water is potentised there is a change is pH and in conductivity, but these changes are extremely small and you need very sensitive equipment to detect it, with a sensitivity of probably 0.001 or better. It is also known that it is possible to detect changes in the magnetic field of potentised material, of the order of 2 - 3 Nanoteslars.

A promising line of research would be in Magnetic Resonance Frequency. Using wide frequency range equipment a material would be scanned and searched for its resonant frequencies, and this output would be displayed on an Oscilloscope or pen recorder etc. Then some of the same material would be strongly potentised, and scanned again. What should be a shown is a change in some of the resonant frequencies.

Q. I am thinking about selling your products. Can you supply me more testimonials about your products so that I can put them in my brochures ?

The best testimonials you can obtain yourself. Buy a product, and show it to your friends and associates. OK not everyone will be sensitive enough to feel the effects, but I am certain you will find that very many people will, and these people will be your source of testimonials. Almost every day I am telephoned by customers telling me how wonderful the products are, and these same people usually tell their friends which results in another order arriving, totally "out of the blue". In fact around 50% of our business is obtained that way, simply from people telling their friends.

Q. What is the most effective method to use the Energy Copier to potentise a remedy ? For example, is it more effective to potentise into water than into Tablet? Or first potentise into alcohol and then directly use this potentised alcohol to rinse to the Tablet ?

As explained on the Energy Copier page you can potentise directly into anything you like. You can potentise directly into sugar balls, or into bottles of alcohol if what you want is potentised alcohol.There is no advantage in potentising alcohol and then putting this into tablets.

Q. How can I know the potentisation is successful or not ?

The best and easiest way to test for potentisation is by dowsing, usually with a pendulum. This is the way used by most Homeopathic and Radionic practitioners, and whilst it might not be considered very objective, in skilful hands it is VERY effective. Small pendulums can be purchased, often made of Wood, or Plastic, or Glass, or Gemstone, usually on a cord about 7 inches long at very low cost and with a bit of practice, who knows you could become a very competant dowser yourself!

The technique is to hold the pendulum by the cord, not too rigidly, and see what it does. The pendulum can only answer YES or NO or Don't Know, so there is no point in asking complex questions. A good start is to find out what sort of movement is your personal YES and NO. For many people, a Clockwise rotational swing means YES and an Anticlockwise rotational swing means NO. Moving backwards and forwards in the same plane usually means Dont Know or is the Neutral Position.

Ask aloud, "Show me a YES" and see how the pendulum behaves. Then ask aloud, "Show me a NO" and check to see you get the opposite movement. Once you know what your movement is for YES and for NO you can start asking questions. Dont ask questions like "Is this potentised or is it not?" as the pendulum can only give you one answer. I would also recommend that you dont use it to try to predict the future "if I do this will it work?". The best questions to ask are simple questions relating to the present time, such as "Is this Potentised?" or "Do I have an Allergy to this product?". Also try not to decide what you think the answer is going to be before you dowse it, as this can affect the result.

There are also certain other factors that can affect the result of your dowsing. You might find that if you hold the pendulum with your right hand over your left side you get the opposite rotation for YES and NO, so check before each dowsing session you are getting the correct rotation. There is also a phenomenon called "Switching" which occurs when your personal energy swops sides from left to right, resulting in incorrect dowsing results. If you find that you are getting answers that do not sound correct, check to see if you have "switched" by checking you are getting the correct rotation for YES and NO. The way to correct "Switching" is to slap the right upper arm with the left hand and say "Positive" and then slap the left upper arm with the right hand and say "Negative". Do this repeatedly for a few seconds, then check your rotation again. You can also correct switching by swinging the pendulum and saying "This is my rotation for YES or NO" (as the case may be).

Not everyone picks up dowsing straight away, but with practise who knows what amazing things you will be discovering!!

Strange Kirlian Photo

DC Pulse Kirlian photo of Zinc Suppliment Tablet.

Q. Hi, Gillian Lee, I am very interested in your products, but I have a few questions:
Can the Energy Copier function like a Picture/Remedy Dispenser?
Why do none of your products require battery power?

The Energy Copier works in a different way to a Picture Remedy Dispenser in that transmission from the Dispenser is from the Antenna at high power level and this energy is received though your Aura (personal energy field). This device is intended for local use only, for example into a room.

With the Energy Copier remote transmission is acheived by use of an output well and hair sample - in this case the energy is beamed directly to the person who the hair sample belongs to, no matter where they are located. The Energy Copier can also make remedies, the Dispenser is not designed to do this.

Neither device use batteries or any other electrical supply because you cannot make subtle energy out of electricity, and you don't need to anyway as there is an infinate supply of it everywhere. What you do need is a device which can convert the natural subtle energy (the Chi') or Orgone Energy into something that is useful. This is what my devices do.

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