Radionic Software Instructions
for use with VPRM


This software was togther with its special computer pickup designed for used with all versions of the Voice Programmed Remedy maker and it is also compatible with the Voice input section of a Combo Remedy maker. With it you can type in Remedy and Potency information and send it into the temporary memory inside the device, then output it to the built-in metal Well using the Make switch on the front of the device. You can also combine these typed in instructions with vibrations you created by speaking them in.

The computer pickup that works with this program is a special version and is not the same as they type supplied with the Combo Remedy Maker, this one is specifically programmed to send vibrations tuned by this program into the Temporary Memory of voice devices. The range of this Pickup is limited 36 inches ( 3 feet ) so the remedy maker must be placed within that distance in use.

The Software runs in your internet browser and is compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac, and will run in Google Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, and Safari. If you encounter any problems running the software make sure your computer alows the running of Javascript programs.

Unlike the software for the Combo Remedy Maker you cannot change power level or timer period or apply the lock function using this program, power level is pre-set by the Voice Programmed Remedy maker, as Lock is automatic in the device, and time period you control with the Make switch.

To use attach the supplied pickup to your computer screen and click on Rad1. If you don't like the Black background, click the Color Change button to go to any one of six background versions.

Remedy and Potency Information is typed into the 6 fields that you see in the middle of the screen. You can enter more than one remedy and potency on each line, just make sure they are separated by a space or a hyphen. You can enter many different potencies or just one potency for all the remedy names you enter.

Making a single remedy

Making a combination remedy with one potency

You can also make Gem and Mineral Remedies, just type in the names of the Gems without any other information, same when making Color Remedies, just the names and nothing else, separated by a space or a hyphen if there is more than one.

When you have finished entering all the information, please make sure your Voice Programmed remedy maker is placed within 3 feet of the screen, and hit the Enter key on your Keyboard, the timer will count down for 4 seconds and during that time the vibrations of whatever you typed in will be transferred into the temporary memory. There is an audio-visual indication of the countdown.

Note: information typed in is not saved by the software, but if necessary you can paste in information you had already typed and saved in notepad.

This software program is included free of charge to purchasers of the Computer Pickup for Voice Programmed Remedy Maker. Please note it is not possible for this software to transfer vibrations to your Voice Programmed Remedy maker without using the special pickup sensor.

Note: When using this software it's strongly recommended to go full screen to avoid transferring other vibrations in from your computer or from the Internet. To do this press F11 on your keyboard. To leave full screen when you are finished press F11 again.