This is the list of Maker Packages that we have available at the present time,
others could be available, made to order if you requested them.


Voice Programmed Remedy Maker
Many people regard our Voice Programmed Remedy Maker to be our flagship product and its true, a large number of these have been sold and are now being used by health practitioners world wide, and it is loved for its small size and huge capability. At the present time Maker packages have been purchased for this product by Manufacturers in Germany and in Pakistan ( the latter has exclusive rights ) but customers are free to manufacture and sell this product throughout the rest of the world, and the market for this item is huge. Time to build one, not including the energizing, about two and a half hours. To read more about it go to the The VPRM Page

Voice Programmed Remedy Maker Mk1 & Mk2 Maker Packages
Guide Price: $6,000 - $6,500. Construction difficulty level 7.



The Combo Remedy Maker
The Voice Programmed Remedy makers big brother has many of the features of the other devices we sell built into it, and has been a huge seller in the past very popular with both health practitioners and ordinary people. Although building it is a little difficult once you get the hang of it one can be produced in about 3 days working only a few hours a day.This has been our top selling item for many years with orders exceeding production capability.This Package is not available for purchasers in Korea. To read more about it go to the The Combo Page

Combo Remedy Maker Package
Guide Price: Around $8,000. Construction difficulty level 8.



The Radionic Potentiser for PC ( 2011 version )
This is a simple to use but highly effective Remedy Maker that works using software that you run on your own computer, its based on universal principles that we discovered back in 1992 and it has been a continual seller with people who want to use this technique without the Voice function. There are no built in electronic circuits, only subtle energy ones, so its easier to build than some of the other equpment. This Maker Package is available for users worldwide. To read more about the device to the Potentiser for PC

Potentiser for PC 2011 Maker Package
Guide Price: $6,000 - $6,500. Construction difficulty level 6.



The Mini Potentiser PCMK3
This is a smaller simpler version of the Potentiser for PC listed above, and is popular with people who travel a lot. Its really very quick and easy to build, and is good for those people who don't want unnecessary complexity. Has the potential for large sales with suitable promotion. To read more about the device to PCMK3

Mini Potentiser PCMK3 Maker Package
Guide Price: $6,000 Construction difficulty level 4.


If you look at the products listed on this page, you will see we have included a "Guide Price". This is a ballpark figure that particular package would be sold for, its not an exact price, because that depends on what you need included.

You will also see a "Construction Difficulty" level. This has been included to indicate how hard that particular device is to build, on a scale of 1 - 10, where 1 is the easiest and 10 is the most difficult. Its a relative indication of course, not an exact one.

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