The Motor Vehicle shield



This small device measuring only 80mm x 50mm x 25mm deep has been specially designed to neutralize much of the harmful effects of car exhaust pollution, thereby preserving health and reducing the likelihood of Allergies.

In addition, vehicle occupants are treated with low Homeopathic Potencies of Static Electricity, Positive Ions, Mixed Plastics Vapors, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, Ozone, Petroleum, Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Diesel Oil Hydrocarbons, Car Engine Oil Vapors, Lead, Rubber, & Steel, which being radiated from the device at considerable power level should help make these pollutants more tolerable.

Interestingly our customers have reported to us that they feel calmer when driving, suggesting that this device may reduce the incidence of "Road Rage"

The device has a range of 10 ft Radius so if carried between the two front seats of most cars all occupants of the vehicle will be protected. If the vehicle is very long such as a Motor home, then the best place for it will be most likely in the glove box. For busses, coaches, two or more may be required to protect all occupants.

The device will also operate inside Electric vehicles. For those travelling on vehicles they do not own, it is quite possible to carry the device in ones personal hand baggage, or on ones person if not unduly affected by the energy level it radiates.

The device only radiates energy when inside a wheeled vehicle, the vehicle doesn't have to be switched on, or moving, it also works while parked. The device is automatically turned off when inside the home or office.


The Motor Vehicle shield is available at the price of $60.00 plus shipping and is guaranteed for one year.

To purchase this product please email ddeo



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