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Memories of Tony Bassett

by Gillian Lee

Jan 1940 – Nov 2013

Scientist, Inventor, Electronics Wizard, Entrepreneur
and Showman


In around 1994 I was introduced to Tony Bassett by a friend, after being taken to Stables Market, Camden Lock, where Tony had his workshop, and from where he ran his business, which was named “No1 Electronics”. My first impression of Tony was I wasn’t sure if I was meeting a man or a gnome !

Here was a small man, around 5ft 4” in height with a big bushy beard, and a grinning face, in a cave full of all sorts of weird things, sitting at his workbench busily wiring together some strange contraption. The cave was actually a railway arch that must have been 100 ft long, and it was packed with just about everything you could imagine, all in a big pile, actually in lots of big piles. Its like everything Tony had ever acquired was there, pilled one on top of the other. In fact it was almost frightening, I was scared there would be an avalanche and I would be buried under boxes of homemade Lava Lamps, some fire alarms, a ships bell, some computer monitors, some gas lasers, various unrecognizable electronic equipment, reels of cable, empty tin cans, a child’s tricycle, and boxes of foot powder.

I spoke to Tony briefly about Radionics and Subtle Energy, and recognized immediately that this was a very open minded and aware person, and I soon felt comfortable that nothing I was going to say was going to surprise him.

I went back to see Tony another day on my own, so we could talk at length without keeping Peter waiting. In no time at all we became best friends and would talk for hours about ideas. He would tell me about equipment he was working on and what it was for, and later he showed me how it was built. I would talk to him about my ideas, and he gave me many useful tips that I hadn’t thought off. Tony also showed me his “Healing Hands” cards, which were cards with a drawing of two hands printed on them, they had then been energized using Tony’s Radionic Potentiser. These cards were given away free to visitors, or available to purchase in a pack, and were used to remove pain when applied to the affected part of the body.

At the time I was unemployed and because I already had a some experience in electronics, and circuit building, Tony offered me a job helping him to build equipment. The arrangement was pretty free and easy, come what time you like, leave what time you like, and get paid a certain rate per hour. Initially I was solding surface mount components into circuit boards, the contacts were so small I had to use a bit of copper wire as my soldering iron bit. I later was upgraded from that to helping Tony make “Bio-Energizers” and Kirlian Cameras.

I suspected that Tony was only really giving me the job because he wanted to help me, not because he really needed an assistant, Tony was like that, he would always try and help people, and if there was a quick buck in it too, well that would be all the better !

Both the Bio-Energizers and the Kirlian Cameras were built using the same case, but the circuitry inside was different and they were used for different purposes. The Bio Energizer was a healing device that radiated a wide range of frequencies at a high voltage, they were Tony's version of the Lakhovsky Multi Wave Oscillator, the Kirlian Camera was used to photograph the Aura when used in a dark room with photographic paper. Both devices used Car Ignition coils to step up the voltage, but the Bio Energizer used a dynamotor as I remember as a source of current, where as the Kirlian Camera used a vibrating relay.

At the same time as this Tony was producing Dream Machines. These were sunglasses that had lots of L.E.D’s mounted in the lens area, and they were wired to a control box that made the L.E.D’s flash. This box had a speed control that could be used to alter the flash rate, and another control that could be used to alter the brightness. It was powered by a 9 volt battery. These were sold to people who wanted to have a hallucinogenic like experience, without taking drugs.

From Wikipedia:

A dreamachine is "viewed" with the eyes closed: the pulsating light stimulates the optical nerve and alters the brain's electrical oscillations. The user experiences increasingly bright, complex patterns of color behind their closed eyelids. The patterns become shapes and symbols, swirling around, until the user feels surrounded by colors. It is claimed that using a dreamachine allows one to enter a hypnagogic state.This experience may sometimes be quite intense, but to escape from it, one needs only to open one's eyes. Dreamachines may be dangerous for people with photosensitive epilepsy or other nervous disorders. It is thought that one out of 10,000 adults will experience a seizure while viewing the device; about twice as many children will have a similar ill effect

The Dream Machines that Tony designed were mostly built by Ben Price Walby, a young man who was friends with Tony, and who seemed to treat Tony as a father figure. Ben used to come in and ask Tony all sorts of crazy questions, like “what do we do if aliens are landing outside, and what do we do if the world is ending tomorrow” Tony answered with something, quietly, and maybe slightly humorous, like when they arrive we will talk to them and find out what they want, or if the world is going to end tomorrow then we don't need to worry about it today !

Tony had quite a sense of humor, he told me that once a man came into his workshop smoking a big cigar. Tony was hiding behind the door with a Reacher-Grabber, which he used to pluck the cigar out of the mans mouth!

Tony and I often went for walks on Hampstead Heath, and picked up some fish and chips on the way back to his house. Tony’s house was another version of his workshop, with all kinds of junk piled up to the ceiling. Empty yogurt cups and empty tin cans abounded, as he never threw them out, he said he used them to mix up paint in, and it is true, I did see him do that on several occasions.

After eating our fill we would often retire to the second floor living room and lounge on the couch and talk until late into the night about all sorts of ideas and crazy inventions. Contrary to other peoples speculation, there was never any romantic involvement between us, we were just good friends. In the 10 odd years that I knew Tony, as far as know he never had any romantic liaisons, he just didn’t seem interested in that sort of thing.

Tony at one time in his life had worked as an Industrial Chemist, and he knew how to make all sorts of strange substances. He had also worked making props for the movie industry, so if you added that to his knowledge of Radionics and also Electronics, there was very few things that Tony did not know about.

It was during one of those nights when Tony told me about the Crystal Pistol. This was a device that was powered only by some sort of mineral crystal, and had the capacity to immobilize or even kill an attacker. As far as I could tell Tony had never made one, but he believed it had been done by someone. Although I never worked on the device myself, I have considered that it might be possible to make a stun weapon that is powered by subtle energy alone, that would work by reversing the direction of the Supraspinatus Central, of anyone that the devices is pointed at.

Tony told me about how once when he was working as a Chemist he made a pipe bomb using only Carbon Dioxide. I remember he said that he used a length of copper pipe and hammered one end closed, then filled the pipe with liquid Carbon Dioxide and hammered the other end closed. He told me that the explosion that resulted as the gas expanded was far more than he had expected, really upsetting his boss and his workmates. Lets face it, making bombs is fun, so long as they don’t hurt anyone.

Tony also told me about how to make a solid rock like substance that could be used for making decorative objects, using only large crystal sea salt, cornstarch and water. I forget the ratios of ingredients, but you mixed up all the ingredients in a pan and heated it briefly, then spooned it out quickly before it set. I tried making it once and it was peculiar stuff.

Tony also one night told me how to make Hallucinogenic Cheese. This involved mixing bitter almond oil with milk, and allowing it to ferment. The bitter almond oil contains prussic acid and is deadly poisonous if taken even in small doses, but Tony said once it is fermented with milk it becomes safe to consume, and the user can safely experience its psychotropic properties. Since pure bitter almond oil is very difficult to obtain ( its usually diluted with other ingredients ) I never tried doing it, but even if I could obtain the oil I doubt I would in case Tony was wrong about the safety factor !

As a point of interest, I would add that Tony never used any recreational drugs, as he was extremely sensitive to all of them and they made him feel ill. He didn’t even drink coffee, for the same reason.

I used to suffer quite often from abscesses in my gums, and Tony showed me how to make a simple device that could often remove them, by drawing the pus out that caused the swelling, using a silver spoon, a 9 volt battery and a few other components, a circuit of which is shown left.

In the U.S, having an abscess removed by an Endodontist can cost as much as $1,000 and if you don’t have that kind of money to spare and you have a painful swelling in your gum, then this is at least worth a try. The Insulation on the spoon was to prevent it from making contact with any other part of the mouth. The exposed tip of the spoon was placed on the abscess. I used to wrap the copper tubing with toilet paper and wet it, to ensure a good contact with the skin of the hand. If you don’t happen to have a silver spoon, then you could buy a strip of pure silver from a jewelry makers supply store, and use that instead. Doing this process does involve some pain, but it is bearable. The D.C current forces trapped pus out of the gum using electrolisis and allows the swelling to go down. The abscess is further treated with silver ions, which are antibacterial.

Tony also talked about the past, long before I had met him he had been a member of the cult, the “Children of God”. At that time he had been running a thriving electronics business from a shop in the Knightsbridge area of London, and he told me that members of the cult came in and took over his business and threw him out, on the streets, with not a penny to his name. For a time he wandered the streets, homeless, until one very cold night he found the door open of an empty warehouse, and he went inside and lay down on some newspapers to sleep. He slept very well, and woke in the morning and felt unusually warm, and was aware of being covered with something furry. As he came to, and opened his eyes, he discovered he was covered with hundreds of Mice !

They had obviously been attracted to his warmth, and had kept him warm also, sort of a symbiotic relationship. As he moved the mice fled away in all directions, leaving him to ponder his unusual encounter.

Another of Tony’s interesting devices was the Bio Activity Translator or “Plant Chant” as he liked to call it. This was a device that could be hooked up to any leafy plant and it produced a range of tone frequencies that were controlled by the plants changes in leaf resistance, which were in turn controlled by the plants mood. Left on its own the plant would produce a seemingly random series of tones, but if thoughts of love or hate were directed at the plant, the tonal range would change abruptly. (This I believe was basically a GSR circuit of a similar type that is used for Biofeedback, linked to an audio oscillator and an amplifier and speaker system )

Tony told me that it was possible to do something similar to this using a quartz crystal instead of a plant, but he never built and demonstrated it to me, although he said he had built one in the past.

When I was working with Tony building circuits at stables market, quite often I would get to know the people that came to visit him, and quite often I became friends with them.

It was because of one of those visitors that I made and sold my own first piece of equipment. I had been working on the design of a Radionic Potentising system based on a computer, an Amstrad PCW, which had no hard disk and only 512Kb of ram, and everything had to be saved on special 3inch floppy disks. The Potentiser program was written in Qbasic, and was used together with the hardware which consisted of a vibrational pickup, which was connected to the black box which contained the copy and receive wells, and the energy routing circuitry. I had been talking to Tony about this system, when our conversation was overheard by one of Tony’s visitors, a Mr. Pace Cohen, who asked if he could buy one. Up until that time I had never made and sold any of my equipment, and I had no idea what the price should be, so I just said £200, and before I knew it I had made my first sale !

Together with Tony we sold quite a few more of those same Potentising systems, which we supplied with the Amstrad Computers, until Amstrad stopped manufacturing them and finding old ones became too difficult.

Another of Tony’s visitors, doctors Atul and Rupa Shah, resulted in another sale of one of my Potentising systems, and a visit by myself to their home in Mumbai, India. Though Tony I met James Warnell of Diamond Spring Water Technologies, Prince Johnston, Kevin Murphy, Miles Johnson of Sky News, Chris Barnes who set up Lightnet, Christopher Seebach, many other people, and my present good friends, Zeb Khan and Peter Huges.

Tony had been making and repairing equipment for musicians as long as I had known him, but around the mid 90’s he began to make and sell Theremins. As I am not a fan of theremin music I am not the best person to write about them, but they consist of basically a oscillator system controlled by moving ones hand near an antenna, producing wailing sounds similar to a cat being tortured !

More advanced models have two antenna systems, one for controlling pitch and the other for controlling volume,and the device is played by moving ones hands around in the air over the antennas. At first Tony’s Theremins were very plain looking, being built into gray plastic boxes that he obtained from RS Components, but later he developed a technique of printing wild designs onto transparent plastic sheeting, which was then attached to the case of the theremin using glue or double sided sticky tape. Together with help from Diki Suriman, Tony created a huge range of wild designs, and even if like me you didn’t like the sound that came out of them, these Theremins could have been regarded as things of beauty. (see right - Winter Wonderland version 002)

Up until this point Tony’s web site had been hosted on Lightnet and the URL had simply been “lightnet.co.uk/no1”, but in order to promote his Theremins and some of the other items he was selling, including a colloidal silver maker, he coined the name, No1derland, and that became part of the new URL.

Another one of Tony’s strange devices that he made and sold was the ORB. He had the idea for this device after seeing the Woody Allen movie, “Sleeper” where a ball, is passed around by the participants, and users get high simply by holding it. (see picture on the left) Tony tried using plastic balls sprayed with metallic paint and energizing them with his Radionic Potentiser, but the feel was all wrong and the plastic would not hold the energy he put into them, so in the end he molded his own shapes using polyester resin. The result looked more like a Frisbee, but apparently they were liked by the people who bought them.

One other device that Tony made was the "Canceltron"; it was for reversal of diseases in plants, animals and humans. You would hook up the probes with a "witness plate" and in there you would put an organic sample of the diseased organism (a leaf, saliva, a drop of blood, skin, hair etc). The Canceltron would automaticaly calculate the reverse rate of the disease and broadcast it.

Frequently Tony was interviewed by local journalists who were looking for an interesting story, and amazingly, Tony always got a good write up, which would unusually contain a link to his web site, bringing in even more customers. Tony also went on a number of television show, doing his Mad Professor role, where he would talk about his inventions whilst wearing something funny on his head, like a food colander. One of these notable appearances was on the James Whale show, where he showed and demonstrated the ORB, the Healing Hands Cards, and the Plant Chant”, and he talked about the use of the Bio Energizer as an aid to Time Travel.

Tony speaking on the James Whale show:

About 1997 Tony was forced to move out of the railway arch because Stables Market was sold to a company that had a vision of a trendy shopping market, and the rents on the arches were raised to a level that Tony could not afford, so he transferred his business operation to his home in Aspern Grove, Belsize Park, NW3. He had to throw a huge amount away so that he was able to do the move. After that the living room at his home became the workshop, and he continued to build and sell the equipment that he made on his coffee table. He continued to receive a stream of visitors, and continued to produce and repair a wide range of equipment.

For a period of time, during the year 2000, I also lived at Aspern Grove and rented the top floor bedroom, and built some White Mountain equipment whilst I was there, before I moved to housing in Bow, East London and finally to the U.S.A. Tony also designed the electronic beeper circuits that I use in the Voice Programmed Remedy maker and Combo Remedy Maker, and he used to supply those circuits to me ready built when I lived in the U.K.

Tony ( like myself ) was a very spiritual and psychic person, and could easily have devoted his time to practicing as a Spiritual Healer. He was fully capable of feeling subtle energies and like myself, could also see Aura’s. One time I built a device that was designed to be used for remotely reading minds. This was a Radionic device that transferred the thoughts and images from the person being read to however many people who were doing the observing. Tony and I used this device to see what Osama bin Laden was thinking, and we clearly saw the inside of the cave he was living in at the time.

After I moved to America I didn’t hear from Tony much. The communication problem was exacerbated by the fact that Tony’s phone was frequently off and so was his internet connection. I have no idea how he continued to operate his business. He was busy doing his thing and I was busy doing mine. I did speak to him about a problem with the Evaporative Coolers that are so common in States like Arizona, the problem of very fast calcium buildup in the cooler pads, and Tony designed a circuit for a device that could prevent that buildup by causing the calcium to form soluble Aragonite instead of precipitating out as Calcium Carbonate, I did test the circuit on a Mastercool and it did seem to work, but I just didn’t know how to market it.

In 2011 my friend Zeb told me that Tony had suffered a Stroke and was unable to work or look after himself. No1derland closed and his web site was taken off Internet. I tried to talk to Tony on the phone but any conversation was almost impossible. During the course of treatment for the stroke doctors discovered that Tony had prostate cancer, which was in an advanced state and had spread to other parts of his body. Tony had two care workers looking after him, but it was obvious he wasn’t going to recover. Tony died during the early hours of November 3rd 2013.

Tony would always try to help other people if he could and he frequently sent remote healings to other people from his Radionics machine. He helped me enormously and was a huge influence on my life by encouraging me to begin building and selling my own equipment that I had designed, which I later made available to the public through this web site. I can say without doubt that if I had not had Tony’s advice and expertise I might not have got to the point where I am today. Tony, you will be missed !

Visit an archived version of the No1derland web site - please remember not to email or try to buy anything, this link is supplied for historical purposes only

Communication since he died:

November 28th 2013
Met Tony in a lucid dream where he showed me one of his inventions. I have a job which I have to do which involves cutting some wood strips to make a frame to hold a fluorescent light for my workbench, because I cannot attach the fluorescent to the wall because it is made of brick and because the owners of the property do not want holes. Tony showed me an ingenious way of cutting the wood strips which involved having a fixed saw blade, but rapidly moving the work backwards and forwards against the saw blade using a mechanism, presumably a solenoid.


Tony Bassett Interview by Prism Escape View PDF file

TONY BASSETT ARTICLE by Malcolm Robinson View PDF file

No1derland Theremins on Youtube
Left is Massive Attack playing with a Tony's Twin Antenna Stereo model. Also see the Tony Bassett built Body Theremin.

If you have any of Tonys equipment and would be willing to write about it and photograph it, I will add your information to this page. If you used to know Tony, and would like to write something about him, please do so and email it to me for inclusion here. I am especially looking for video and sound recordings of Tony, if you have any please get in touch.

Tony Bassett Remembered
by Philip Dawes

January 21st 2014


I met Tony Bassett for the first time in about 1984-5 at his warehouse-come-workshop, which was his front-door shop facility at the Railway Arches, Camden Lock, London, at a time before the real commercial profit-gangsters took over the whole complex. I bought from him a ¾ hp motor, which I still have today. While there, we spoke about mutual interests of crystals for healing, subtle energies, etc. and the De la Warr Radionics machine. I mentioned that I had met George De la Warr and his wife Marjorie at their Radionics Laboratory, Oxford, in about 1968, which turned out to be a year before George De la Warr died. The De la Warrs showed me their laboratory with its dozens of radionic apparatuses mounted on three walls, each tuned to specific people, each of which had to be adjusted several times daily.

Returning to Tony Bassett: I went to see him on a few occasions over the years, discussing various aspects of subtle energies, including pyramid energy, in which I was doing various experiments with numerous open-framed pyramids in bamboo and copper tube, and years later, in Thassos marble. Tony was a kindly individual with a bit of knowledge in several fields. I would categorise him more as an electronics dabbler, notwithstanding the fact that he had an in-depth knowledge of electronics, rather than a real inventor in the strict sense of the word; the things he made were simplified versions of what others had already produced, thus it was a means for him to make money.

In the 1980s and 90s I became immersed in crystals for healing and self transformation, and made various modalities for healing, and, in a round-about way, led me to colloidal silver, in which I did my own research and experimented. There was at the time, and still is, a false scare story on the Internet that colloidal silver caused argyria, a physiological condition, not a medical one. Argyria is caused by the daily over-use of silver nitrate, silver dust mixed with water or very dense, i.e., nearly black, colloidal silver. The condition of argyria is when the patient’s skin becomes blue or blue-grey, caused by the dense silver particles’ inability to be discharged from the body, thus remaining in the blood stream – hence the blue or blue-grey colour. But it is not an illness; the person does not become sick with it. Being antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic, etc., colloidal silver protects one from many illnesses. Nevertheless, having carried out research over a period of about seven months making colloidal silver in many densities - through the colour spectrum, I decided to ingest large quantities myself – about 75 ml daily, the colour of which was a very, very pale lemon; I absolutely knew it was safe and continued consuming that daily quantity for eighteen months, whereas sellers of colloidal silver were advising taking one teaspoonful daily. Upon completion of the experiment I then decided to make colloidal silver using triple distilled water – setting up borosilicate equipment to do so. It was certainly not a viable business process - absolute water purity was my objective.

A few years later I decided to produce colloidal gold, but my colloidal silver electrolysis apparatus was not powerful enough; I then contacted Tony Bassett and asked him if he had a large transformer, or where he could obtain for the purpose. “It so happens,” he said, “there is a big transformer waiting for me to collect, but I haven’t been able to collect it because I don’t have a car. We can collect it with your car if you like?” So we drove off there and then to a location outside London somewhere and collected this industrial machine, which, as far as I recall, was about 9 to 10 inches diameter, and previously belong to a power company. It was heavy; we man-handled it into the back of the car and back to his flat/laboratory in Hampstead, where he set it up.

I had previously made a special apparatus to hold two separate pure gold electrodes, each housed within borosilicate tubes, with a small section of the gold wire protruding from the bottom. This device was fitted on top of a Pyrex glass lid in which I had drilled two holes with a diamond drill, through which the glass tubes were fitted; the whole sat atop a 1 litre borosilicate flask filled with distilled water. After it was all connected up Tony flung the switch. Bang! It blew - the fuse blue with a loud blue flash. Tony quickly realised that the transformer needed a reduction device, (I forget the technical electrical term), but such a device he did not have. ‘Improvisation’ was Tony’s second name, which then came into play. He decided to use an electric kettle filled with water as the step-down interface, for want of a better term, and then he connected them – beautiful! It worked – with a very loud continuous electrical spark between the gold electrodes. We watched it; the water very, very slowly turning to a pale pink colour – but then we found that the water in the kettle, the ‘interface,’ was boiling away. He went and refilled the kettle with water from the kitchen; I then repeated this operation many times over a period of about forty minutes. The colloidal gold at the end of that time was a beautifully deep rich magenta, like cranberry sauce; the same colour of gold-flashed glass, upon which pure gold dust is thrown over the molten sheet of glass, turning it into what I call gold-pink. Exquisite! I gave half of the colloidal gold to Tony, and arranged with him to return a few weeks later.

We repeated the operation a few weeks later, but a third time was not possible; Tony told me that a neighbour had complained about interference to his television reception. (A Faraday cage would have resolved the problem.) Tony declined to sell me the transformer, as he needed it for his own use. Thus I was back to square one. Fruitless searches over the following months for a suitable transformer in the UK forced me to search in the USA, where I found a firm that manufactured them for radio stations. I gave them the requirements of what I wanted and received the transformer about six weeks later; the price was as heavy as the transformer, and the shipping even more.

Some years later I moved out of London to Chesterfield, Derbyshire, and visited Tony in 2005 and asked him to make a small electronic unit for me. Some years after that I realised there was a problem when emails and phone calls to him were unanswered and his website was down.

Tony Bassett was a kindly affable gnome-of-a-man, meaning full of life and excitable; he loved to be the showman; I can picture him even now. He was willing to help out; his home-workshop was a mess with boxes and bags everywhere, even up the stairs. But he had little concept or interest in personal health and hygiene, which I discovered at the time of the ‘colloidal gold adventure’ when filling the kettle with water in his kitchen and saw the state of his dishwasher brush, which was black with fungus germs all the way down to the roots where the bristles went into the plastic housing. To think that this ‘germ-laden brush’ was used to clean his plates and cooking utensils was stomach-churning.

The above account was extracted from a larger peice which contained information regarding De La Warr laboratories, to read the entire account click here: View PDF file

Memories of Tony Bassett
by George Aggelidis

March 2nd 2015


I was moved, when, last night, I decided to make a web search in order to see if there are any information regarding Tony Bassett and ran into your beautiful article: "Memories of Tony Bassett". I was a customer of Tony's, since 2000 and I had my hands, on to several of his contraptions. Here are some photos that you can use in your site. There are photos from an ELF generator, a Cranial Electrical Stimulation mini brain machine, and photos of the medium and small version of "The Orb".

I used to be in contact with Tony via email and sometimes over the phone. He was a master of subtle, "exotic" energies. He used to have the "party packs"; small bags with crystals that would charge radionically with rates from several substances; for example beer, vodka, wine etc. and these worked just like the Orb but with different effects; always pleasurable!

The item I really loved, was "The Orb". It was amazing, the effects that its energy created. You can describe the feelings; like being "comfortably numb"; sunbathing on a beach and after holding it for about 10 minutes, the stimulation created in the nervous system was superb and ideal for a sporting activity. Sometimes, it was too strong! I remember holding the Orb at 10 p.m and then not being able to sleep due to the stimulation! Even people unaware of its effects/usage or even people that were sceptical about its effects, felt profound changes/sansations when they held a fully charged Orb in their hands.

I had done several experiments with "the Orb", which unfortunatelly would loose its charge, rather quickly. There was a small fee for recharging and someone could have its Orb in full power again. A had noticed, that after the first contact with the Orb; if you would use it again the next day, the results were minimal. You should use it once and then not using it again for at least a week in order to give you a good blast. I remember Tony, contemplating of creating a limited edition of the Orb, by making spheres of resin and filled with quartz crystal powder, in order to escape from the disc's shape, but he never got to complete it.

There were three Orb sizes, large, medium and small. After a couple of years Tony usually made only the large and the medium sizes. The colors were silver and gold; with limited editions of deep blue (which you can see in the photo), purple, red and green. It was profound, the positive effect the Orb had on the plants. If you would leave it near them, the next day their leaves, buds and branches were being pivoted towards the Orb.

I had several discussions with Tony about the Orb's type of exotic energy. He always cautioned me of not using it often, not using it on consecutive days and not holding it for more than 5-10 minutes, because as he was saying, it had a stimulatory effect. A few months before he shut down the site, in one of our chit-chat, he gave me hints regarding the qualities and the way he created the charge for the Orb. He had wrote to me, that it was charged with positive energy that is considered yang-male energy and that is why it was so stimulating. He would charge the resin discs, by leaving them inside the Radionic machine for al least 3 days. Finally he revealed to me, that he used the rate of "pure white sunlight" plus "a few more things" that deal with positive energy, including the rate from a photo of a marijuana flower.

A friend of mine in Scotland, who is into Radionics, ordered an Orb, before the No1nderland shut down, and he managed to get a rate with his radionic device. The Orb's rate that he got, was: 8557 3208.

Below: pictures of the Cranial Electrical Stimulation device (mini brain machine)

If anyone has any information on what this device does, please send me your information for inclusion.


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