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Many companies have shopping carts where you select what you want and pay online. This is fine for standard off the shelf items but it does not work when items are made to order, so we prefer to deal with customers personally. Below is explained our ordering process.


1. Please send us an email telling us exactly what you want to purchase.
We are sorry but just saying a "Remedy Machine" isn't enough, we need to know which one. If you are not sure at this moment, then please browse the web site and read about them. If you are interested in buying a Voice Programmed remedy maker, we need to know whether you want the standard Mk1 version or the delux Mk2 version. Once you know exactly what you want to buy, email that information to us INCLUDING your shipping address. If you don't want at this moment to send us the whole address, just send us the name of the City and the Zip code if its in the U.S.A, or the name of the Country if its elsewhere. We need this shipping information in order to calculate shipping costs.

If you do not receive a reply from us within 2 days, please check your spam folder to make sure our email has not gone in there.

2. We will reply with an Order Quote and payment suggestions
The Order quote shows the cost of the items and includes the cost of shipping, and the total amount you need to pay. Because of difficulties with card processing on international orders and obstructions to selling our products we are offering customers the choice of paying through Paypal or through TransferWise ( now known as Wise ) or by Cryptocurrency. You can also pay through VEEM.

Orders paid for through TransferWise give you 3% discount over the normal cost of your order and can be paid in your own currency as they will automatically convert the payment into US Dollars. If orders are over US$2,000 in value then we strongly recommmed payment by bank transfer

If you wish to pay through Paypal, please let us know which email address you want to use and we will send you a payment link. PayPal.com

If you wish to pay through Transferwise, you must create an account first, you can do that by clicking this WISE Payment link

If you wish to pay through VEEM, please go to VEEM.com and create an account with them, or if you prefer let us know you want to pay by that method and we will send you a money request from Veem. At the present time they only do bank transfers, but will be making credit card payments possible very soon.

We are also offering customers the opportunity to pay with USDC Cryptocurrency. This is free of all transfer fees and instantanious and we give 8% discount to customers who pay by that method. You will need a Cryptocurrency account and have a USDC balance to send. To do this please email and ask for our Wallet address which we can send as a scannable QR Code or text that you can copy and paste into your Cryptocurrency platform. Please only send USDC to that address, any other currency will get lost. Due to the high volatility of Bitcoin, we do not accept it for payment.

3. Your order will be manufactured and then shipped to you.
Depending on the size of your order, or the number of orders we have already received, you order could take anywhere between 2 - 14 days to ship. We send an notification email to you a soon as it is shipped, which includes a tracking number if applicable, estimated arrive date if known, and any other information that is related to your order.

Orders are usually shipped by U.S Postal Service ( USPS ) Priority Mail or International First Class mail. ( Airmail ) Very large or expensive orders can be shipped by DHL.

Delivery times. Unlike many U.S companies that import everything they sell from China, we manufacture everything in our workshop by hand, and because of this devices take a certain length of time to make. If I happens that you order arrives when we have no other orders, we can usually fill your order in less than a week. If it arrives when we already have a backlog of orders, it will take longer, possibly 2 weeks, but we always attempt to fill orders as soon as possible.


Please send orders and inquiries to: remedydevices@zoho.com

You can also use this


Note: At the present time it is our policy not to send goods to customers in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, or Nigeria. If you are from one of those countries, please arrange for the goods to be received by a relative in the United States or in Europe.


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