The Real world?

By Gillian Lee


Quite often when I try to talk to people about Subtle Energies, Metaphysics, Mysticism, I am told that "I do not believe in all that mumbo-jumbo, I live in the real world". This is quite interesting for me, for as soon as I hear this I know I have met one of those poor, sorry people, one of the masses, that suffer from the aptly named "Illusion of the Physical".

The belief that if it cannot be seen or felt, or proven scientifically without a shadow of a doubt, then it does not exist. This mode of thinking is characteristic of people with extremely low levels of consciousness, or what might be called high levels of unconsciousness. These are people who find safety in believing that the world is exactly how they are told, conforming to logical, proven concepts, as after all, if the impossible really could happen, where would one be?

One might find oneself living in a world where the most improbable things happened daily. How could one cope? No, much easier to reject all forms of improbability, and keep ones head down - like an Ostrich. Well let me tell you about the real world.

The real world is a mass of energy. Energy radiates from all things, whether man, animal, vegetable, or mineral. Some things pull energy in, other things radiate energy out. Even an ordinary Granite Kerbstone radiates so much energy that to a sensitive person it feels Hot. These energies in Man, Animals, and Stones fluctuate hourly and daily in strength, due to variations in the Earth's co-ordinates in space, and can quite easily be measured by dowsing with a pendulum. These energy fields are also clearly visible to one with heightened consciousness, try looking at the back of your own hand, horizontally an inch or so above the skin surface, and you may see a fine misty line, your own Etheric field, or try looking at the trunk of a tree, just out from the sides of it, and you may see vertical bands of energy in the air, or for another experiment place the palm of one hand close to, but not touching, the palm of another persons hand, and you may feel a flow of energy.

The Human Being is an incredibly sensitive instrument, when properly attuned to the Universal energies around it. This atunement is achieved entirely through exercise, and the more one works on oneself, the more attuned one becomes. If you think that Psychic abilities are a gift, you are mistaken, everyone could be Psychic and able to do the most amazing things, such as Remote Viewing, Dowsing, Telepathy, with an open mind and a bit of the right exercise. These are innate abilities within us all, and I can tell you this as I speak from experience.

The worst thing is a closed mind, saying to yourself that "I don't believe it is possible", or "I could never do that" as this is a certain way of ensuring that you never will. Please don't restrict yourself, but set out to discover what you are, and the reason for why you are here, for there is a reason for everyones presence here on this planet at this time. At this moment, the world is suffering from mass ignorance and illusion on gigantic proportions, even many of those who claim to be enlightened are sufferers, and it is part of the work of White Mountain to squash this particular demon.

If you want to learn more, fine, but please don't think that you have to go searching for a Guru, or some Spiritual Master, unless you particularly want to be led down the garden path, and shovelled full of lots of second-hand knowledge. The source of all knowledge is within us all, you just have to develop the ability to access it. Do you want your knowledge to be obtained first hand, or second hand? I know which I prefer.

Man is not an island, though he may appear to be so. On a deeper level of consciousness, we are all one with each other, and on a deeper level still, we are one with God, the Universe and everything. The path of consciousness begins, at its lowest level, in our consciousness of ourself, that we are here, alive, able to move and communicate, and at its highest level in the experience of non-personal unity, otherwise known as Godhead, Brahman, etc. Consciousness is that part of this path of which we are aware, subconsciousness is that part of the path that we are unaware of.

This path, of which I speak is called the Centre Pillar, and can be found with a simple little exercise, which is never-the less extremely powerful if performed correctly.

This exercise can be performed by both men and women, though each may find some difficulty at first if they are not used to assuming the opposite polarity. Regardless of your gender, you must say, first, "I am male" and you must think male. Feel your energy expanding out, you are dominating your surroundings. Push that energy out with as much force as you can. Then Stop.

Next say "I am female", and feel yourself receiving energy from the universe. Pull that Energy in. Feel as female as you can. Then Stop. Again go back to being male, and push it out. Eventually you should be able to find a position that is in the middle of the two modes of polarity. When you have found the exact centre position, and it will be a very precise balance, you will then be on the Centre Pillar, or the Path of Consciousness.

There are simple little exercises for each level of consciousness. For the lower levels, think about your food. Is it healthy food you are eating? Do you prefer lots of meat, or are you able to be satisfied with a vegetarian diet? Diet and consciousness are inseparable partners, and higher consciousness is unattainable for those whose diet is mostly animal foods, alcohol, and the use of tobacco. Think about it.

For the next level, if you want to develop Psychic abilities you must exercise your "Psychic Muscle" by developing your imagination through visualisation. Try visualising the route in your minds eye that you take each day on your route to work or school. Try to see every detail. If you cannot manage much, maybe you don't really look. For an abstract exercise try visualising a tube, light green in colour, set against total blackness, rotating slowly around its central axis. Great Fun! If you find that too easy try a pink cube, which has totally flat untextured sides. And no little add ons, like stars or anything else. Just a plain pink cube, set in a totally black background.

If you don't feel like doing that, why not exercise your ability to feel? Many people feel with their stomach, the well known "Gut Feeling". When your mind says Yes, and your Gut says NO, observe which turns out to be correct. When you sit next to a stranger on the bus, how do they feel? If you put your feelings out, instead of pulling them in, you may discover how nice a person is, without you ever having to speak. You may also discover they are horrible too!

To exercise your ability to really gather information, ask yourself a question that you presently do not know the answer to. If you don't find out immediately what you want to know, don't worry, it will come if you give it time. Go to bed, forget it. But that question is sinking down through progressive layers of consciousness till it reaches the deepest levels, from which it will eventually bounce back answered. At the appropriate time it will come to you, probably when you are thinking about something else. The more you do this, he easier it gets. One day man will find all his information this way, without the use of books or computers, along with a highly developed intuition. Just ask!

To develop your "Spiritual Muscle", I would advise you to find the type of music that deeply moves you spiritually. This may be different for different races and cultures, though you may find the music of another race hits the spot. The Spiritual Muscle is exercised through Devotion. This does not mean you have to go to church, or to a particular temple. However you will have to find some aspect of God to which you can become devoted. There are those from past and present religions, or if you are an Atheist you could pick the Buddha, OM, or simply Nature. One of this simplest and deepest paths, Nature means what we really are, at our essence, and corresponds with Great Nature, the Universe. Whatever name you pick, recite it, sing it, and think about it. There is no growth without some form of sacrifice, and you are certain to change, grow, evolve into a higher being who can never again return to the old illusions of "The real world".

I send my blessings to you in your search.