Have you ever Wished you could Reiki while sleeping,
or talking on the phone?

Lets face it, Reiki is just a new name for Spiritual Healing, something which has been around as long as humans have been concerned for others, and tried to heal them by laying on of hands. Maybe what is not so well known is that spiritual healing (applying energy via the hands or via the chakra's) is really a process of channeling subtle energy which is also what White Mountain Subtle Energy devices do!

So, if you want to do Reiki whilst sleeping, or talking on the phone, or driving your car, or making the dinner, you can be doing it with a White Mountain device, such as an Energy Copier, which can be silently transmitting a healing vibration that you have selected directly to the person you are wanting to heal.

Maybe you just want to send out a Prayer, if so the Energy Copier is the ideal tool to do that, just write your Prayer on a bit of paper and put it in the "Copy Well" and write the name of the target on another bit of paper and put that in the receive well. Naturally there is a huge range of possible targets, for example you could send that vibration to God or to Christ, to a specific diety of your choosing, to the the World (Planet Earth) or to a patient, which would have the same effect as if that patient were making the prayer.

Want to Copy any Vibrational Remedy? There are many really good remedies available to buy, such as Bach Flower remedies, Homoeopathic and Flower Remedies and you can easily copy them and even improve on them by making your copies stronger.

Simply put the remedy you have bought in the "Copy Well" of the Energy Copier, and a bottle of water or alcohol in the "Receive Well", or a suger lump, or anything else you want to put the vibrations into, set the power control to 50 or more, and zap it over!!

If you want to originate remedies, by far the best way is with a "Voice Programmed Remedy Maker" with this device you can make your own remedies merely by speaking the name of the remedy you want into the device. It really couldnt be simpler. For example, you just press the button on the side of the device, and say "Nat Mur 30 C", then release the button. A beep sound is heard.

Next you lay the device down on a table and place in the little well that is built in the device a bottle of water or blank tablets or suger cube or whatever, and press the switch on the front of the device, and hold it down for 3 seconds, before releasing it and alowing it to spring back to the off position. Your remedy is now made.

What you now have is an effective Remedy for a Cold, especially one where you have a runny nose, this same remedy could also be effective in the treatment of Backache, Cold Sores, Constipation, Hayfever, Headache, Indigestion, and a wide range of other symptoms.

Got an allergy to Shellfish? Say "Shellfish 200 C", or to be more precise "Shrimp 200 C" or "The Shrimp I have just eaten 200 C" and take the vibration into a finger, and you have now just taken a powerful allergy antidote.

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