All the testimonials below have been copied and pasted out of unsolicited emails that have been sent to us, from people who have bought our products. What they have said has not been edited in any way, except their contact details have been removed in order to protect them from telephone calls and spam.

Paul Rieselman DC - Downers Grove, IL 60515

I really like the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker MK2 you sent me, it has a lot of potential applications that are only limited by your imagination! I am very pleased with its ability to lock in both remedy and potency, and have found many useful ways of using that feature-- especially with other energy programs that require the body to save that information to its internal memory banks.

Being trained firstly as a Classical Homeopath, and secondly as a Chiropractic physician give me a unique perspective in relation to how I use the MK2. Also, I would like to add that the MK2 does everything it is claims to do, and more!

I have been able to check the MK2's performance by using various methods of body feedback, including functional leg length analysis, O-ring testing, muscle group testing, and other kinesiological procedures, as well as progressions of clinical signs and symptoms. Interesting enough, was that a few days after I received the MK2, I fell quite ill to various flu strains that where running rampant during the winter months. I was able to use the MK2 and reap its wonderful effects IMMEDIATELY by inputting some common sense acute homeopathic remedies that were clinically indicated, and I was back up on my feet in no time. I truly do endorse your product, and I am very satisfied with its performance.

Anne of Melbourne, Australia, writes:

Some feedback on my Voice Programmed Remedy Maker. It has become my best friend! I love the portability. I no longer have to take a kit of remedies with me on holidays. Also the facility to make a remedy for a particular condition is wonderful. While being a student of homoeopathy I like to be able to figure out which remedy to use but there are times when it is very difficult and time consuming. An example was a week ago when my husband was suffering with a severe headache in the middle of the night. I spoke a description of his symptoms into the machine and gave him a "dose" through his finger. Within abut 10 minutes his headache was gone and he was able to sleep. A great experience for a professed sceptic. At 3 am I would have just been guessing which homoepathic remedy to give.

Miriam Elkan, Highbury, London U.K

I do want to tell you how wonderful your Voice-Programmed Remedy Maker is. Yes, I know you know, but I'm guessing it's nice to hear about how it's used. Well I've used it on lots of people's acutes - from splinters that wouldn't come out (silica) to a tooth on a child that wouldn't come out (pulsatilla) - and got really fast results. Then I had pneumonia and managed to get through it without medical intervention (ok - as pneumonia goes it was pretty mild) by talking to my homoeopath on the phone and making remedies as I "languished" in bed!

In fact the lovely thing about the voice-programmed machine is that she was able to give me all sorts of weird remedies eg silk, velvet, confidence etc, which worked fantastically. Also when my ribs really hurt from coughing she got me to put the remedy maker against the sore bit and give myself rose, and that really helped. Then recently I had a crazily heavy period, and again the remedy maker was how I took the remedies that got it back to normal.

Mr D Mayor of Welyn Garden City U.K, MA. Bac. MBAce. MMAA. MRNT.

The White Mountain Radionic Potentiser for P.C is a dream. It provides simple and rapid solutions to many of the thorny problems that beset the busy Energy Medicine Practitioner. How often, for instance, have you wished you could reproduce a remedy from a toxin you know is responsible for a patients problems, but which you cannot obtain? How often have you thought, "if only I had a remedy that could do such and such for this patient" and been unable to find one (Homoeopathic or otherwise) that foots the bill? How often have you prayed that a subtle remedy might be more powerful than it seems to be, even at the highest potencies?

The White Mountain Radionic Potentiser enables you to create new remedies, copy old ones, and even treat at a distance. And whilst you may need a P.C to run it, it contains its own memory store, offering many useful functions even when your P.C is not running. The Potentiser system has been beautifully designed, with great care and attention to detail. Unlike many of the old Radionic devices, with their banks of dials, it looks completely professional. In all respects, it provides a great addition to the medicine of the new millennium.

Jorge Luis Vargas - Comercial en Jabones y Detergentes, S.A. Mexico City

My Energy Copier arrived to my home in perfect conditions, and it is very beautiful, it reflects very good quality. The Enery Copier really works! Thank you!

D.J. Roberts of Surrey U.K, B.ScHons. Dip Rad. Reflexology and Reiki Practitioner.

To whom it may concern; Gillian Lee has developed a number of subtle energy devices of value to the homoeopath, radionics practitioner, and to people concerned with protection against negative energies. None of the devices use electricity or batteries. I know of several cases where White Mountain equipment has materially benefited peoples lives, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.

The White Mountain computer system for making homoeopathic remedies, or giving direct treatment, is in my experience unique in that it gives unlimited scope to the therapist. Not only may any traditional or unconventional remedy be made at any potency but the energy can be locked into the tablets to prevent deactivation. Furthermore a power factor may be applied giving up to 30 times the intensity of treatment accorded by commercial preparations. Finally the system can direct healing to parts of the body, make remedies to assist body and chakra balance, and even send healing energy to people miles away.

Dr E. Jones, Antigua.

3-weeks ago my brother suffered a stroke. His symptoms were one sided headache and facial paralysis, slurred speech, numbness in one hand and foot, objects falling from hand.

Being a professional Homeopath, I immediately prepared the appropriate Homeopathic remedies on my Voice Remedy Maker and administered same accordingly. Improvement was evident within a couple hours and total recovery in less than 1-week. Cat-Scan confirmed he suffered a stroke.The Neurologist was totally amazed at his recovery.

Peter Walton, Belper, Derbyshire U.K

I just thought that I'd let you know how I was getting along with my Voice Acivated Remedy Maker Mk2. In short I find it to be totally indispensable. I'm a fourth year student homeopath with a need for a machine which is able to produce effective remedies quickly and without fuss. It can sometimes be difficult to know whether a machine accurately produces a remedy, however I now have enough proof that the Voice Activated machine does just that.

I recently made the combination Pyrogen 200c/Gunpowder 12x to arrest a tooth abscess. Within 12 hours there was no sign of pain or infection. I am also treating a patient by feeding back a potentised Hepatitis B vaccine, made on your machine. Within 5 minutes of the first dose of Hep B vaccine 30c, her arm became swollen and sensitive around the point of vaccination. During the treatment, which comprised ascending potencies, she underwent several reactions but at the end, her fibromyalgia symptoms had gone.

Thank you very much Gillian for a brilliant and well made product. I may be back for another.

Gail McGraw, Tucson, AZ

Gillian's technology is as important to society (those who will take notice), or even more important, than any invention or technology I am aware of. I am thrilled to have access to these devices. Thank you, Gillian!

Fidel Luna, Puebla, Mexico

I'm enchanted with your radionic device. It's surprisingly effective, quick, simple, like everything is wise in this Universe. I'm very thanked with you. Go on your investigations for the humanity.

Patricia Weber, Health Connection Inc, Midwest City, Oklahoma.

The Unit I received looks very nice and I really like the ease of use. I seem to be getting some good results but it's a little early to tell just how much. Thank you Gillian

Mrs D. Woodcock of Brighton, England

The Energy Copier is extremely portable and effective, my son who was chronically sick is now fit and studying at University. So many people that I have treated using the device have benefited.

Tony Bassett, No1 Electronics, London NW3 (U.K)

I have been selling White Mountain products since 1993, and have handled the full range of devices with success and many good reports from my customers, many of whom liked not just the performance of these items, but also their good appearance. I have also used the devices myself and found that each item functions satisfactorily in the manner claimed by White Mountain. The lack of faults in comparison to other ranges is a further commendation of White Mountain products.

Jacob Barber, London NW10 (U.K)

I find the Energy Copier doing the job so well I am very impresed with its capabilities, and only starting to explore its full potential, highly recomended. Blessings and Love

Jamaiah Ibrahim, Department of Parasitology, Medical Facility, University of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

Dear Gillian Lee, I would like to order another one of this miracle device "The Voice Programmed Remedy Maker (Mk2)". With this device I will not waste my money on doctor's bills. It will be my closest companion, I will carry it wherever I go. Congratulations, you managed to invent something that I dont think anybody has done before. Kind regards, Jamaiah

Marios Tzigunakis, Agiou Haralampous, Athens, Greece.

Five days ago I have received the Energy Copier and the Potency Selector. It's working, I have tried to my self with low potencies successfuly. I have tried them with 50 power units and I had strong reaction. I didn't belived before. Thanks for Your perfect work.!!

Manoj Susaria, Elkridge, Maryland, U.S.A

The Energy Copier that i purchased from you is really working very well. This is the best radionic device i have used and it helps me prepare remedies from rate and name of a remedy. I am able to use the potentiser to prepare / transmit any vibrational remedy at various potencies. Thank you so much for creating such a device. God bless you !

Henry C Thomas, Pulaski TN, U.S.A

It has been far too long since I received the unit from you. I want you to know how very valuable it has been to us here, both in making remedies for ourselves and our animals. One of the early successes was making a successful remedy for our cat for the tick-borne protozoan parasite cytauzoon felis, cause of the disease named cytauxzoonosis. This is fatal in over 90% of cases using allopathic treatment and was knocked out in short order using remedies made with the device purchased from you. Our vet is even interested since he basically has no success in treating it otherwise.

Emeka Okonkwo, Brooklyn NY, U.S.A

I got my package yesterday, and I am thrilled. The devices look great, and the instructions for use are clear and concise. I'll devote the next few days to learning how to use the Combo device for my own benefit and for the benefit of all those who explicitly ask for my help. In the meantime, thank you for creating such a versatile machine and for your wonderful customer service. It has indeed been a great pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, Emeka.

A. Teh, Perth, Australia

Hi Gillian, I think you will be interested to know how well your Voice Programmed Remedy Maker (Mk2) has worked.

I recently energised a small Singapore coin (?copper or ?brass) with affirmations for it to provide a protective shield against accidents, vandalism and theft. I also added smooth running and low fuel consumption. I gave it to a friend of mine, Ms C, and told her to keep it in her car.

Just today she reported that she was so close to a collision when another car on her right lane suddenly crossed into her lane without indicating. She told me that she felt that there was an invisible "buffer" that separated the two vehicles and although the two cars were almost touching, there was no contact of any kind. Normally she would have been emotionally shaken but she felt quite calm after the incident.
Thank you again, Gillian for your wonderful machine.

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