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Healing Spring Mk2

Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could have Healing Water coming out of your own kitchen or bathroom faucet - well you can if you have fitted a Healing Spring Unit from White Mountain.

Of course you may already have fitted a water filtration unit, and that is good, but a Healing Spring Unit is not a water filter or purifier. It is a treatment unit that can actually cure many illnesses.

Based on the Subtle Energy technology, the unit contains a special resonator which places into the water supply all frequencies from 1Hz to 100Khz, plus an energy programme which trains the body to select out exactly which frequencies it requires for optimum health (on a day to day basis) rejecting all others. If you are fed up with drinking local ground water which at best tastes flat, you can now drink "Energised" ground water that tastes "Mineralised" with inumerable health giving qualities.

You can also, if you wish, connect the output of the unit to the main water supply coming into your home, so that you can bathe in Healing Water!

The Unit also features a fully adjustable power control, two outputs for both hot and cold water supplies, and a switch which allows selection of either the energies described above, or you can switch to "Rainbow Energy", the vibrations of all the colours of the spectrum, the joyous exultation of healing light, a non-specific cure all that is beneficial to everyone, whether they are healthy or not.

The Mark 2 requires no plumbing alterations, it is fitted in minutes, and it is entirely self powered, drawing the energy it requires from internal resonators which will never run down.

James Warnell of Diamond Spring Water Technologies: "The result on the water was detectable immediately by both myself and my two colleagues"

Dr Rupa Shah of Aditi Himalaya Essences, Bombay, India, speaking about water treated by a Healing Spring Mk1 : "I really liked the taste of it, it was soft and nice. I didn't want to drink any other water"

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