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Voice Programmed Healer

Remedy Maker / Radionic Microphone


Although the Voice Programmmed Remedy Maker has been warmly received by customers, and we have sold a great many since it was introduced in year 2000, occasionally we have been asked to make special custom versions. This new version incorporates so many useful facilities, we decided to make it available to everyone.

Like the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker this device can make any vibrational remedy from words spoken into it, but instead of outputting those vibrations into a well for potentising tablets, the vibrations are fed into an internal vial in which the patients hair sample is placed, and the patient can then be treated by continuous remote transmission.

Should you want to make tablets, we include with the Voice Healer an Output Lead and Clip, which can be clipped onto metal dishes in which you can place your tablets or bottles to be potentised.

In addition, for an extra $20.00 we can include a lead so that you can connect the output of the Voice Healer to the input of the of any Radionic Potentiser, thereby adding voice remedy making facilities to that particular equipment. If you require one of these leads please be sure to tell us the type of input socket used on your equipment.

In use, the device is used pretty much the same as the Voice Remedy Maker. Held close to the mouth, a button on the side of the Remedy Maker is pressed in, and you speak the name of a Remedy you want immediately followed by the Potency (if any). The button is then released. Unlike the Voice Remedy Maker no "beep" sound is heard, as that facility is not included in this model.

A hair sample or a small photograph of the patient can then be rolled up and inserted into the Internal Vial, and the Make switch (visable on the front of the device) is switched to ON.

When that course of treatment is completed, the internal temporary memory can be cleared by operating another small switch on the side of the device so that another remedy can be inputted.

Like the Voice Remedy Maker the device has the ability to make multiple remedies. You can record Remedy and Potency information about one remedy, then do the same thing again with another Remedy, and again until you have stored as many remedies as you require to make up your remedy combination, which can have each different "ingredient" with a different potency. Then you can go ahead and transmit this treatment to yourself or yor patient, without having to use any other equipment.

Within seconds you can be making vibrational remedies from literally anything you can think of, Homeopathic materials or Rates, Gemstones, Colours, Flower Remedies, Frequencies, Herbs, or even the illness itself. "My Headache", for example, or "The pain in my leg" etc. and transmitting those vibrations to yourself, without needing to take them in tablet form.

Read Voice Healer Instruction Leaflet: Click here

The Voice Programmed Healer comes in a matt black case, and is available for just
U.S $480.00 plus Shipping.

The device is supplied with an Output Lead and Clip so that remedies can be fed to larger receptacles. We also of course supply full instructions.


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Need to do lots of Remedy Copying?

Have extra Remedy Copying Facilities for your Voice Programmed Healer with a Proximity Copier.
To read about it Click Here

Questions and Answers on Use

How does the device manage to make a remedy from words spoken by the user?

It must be understood that this is not just some clever new electronic gadget that performs basically conventional functions, this is a one of a kind device employing radically new concepts. Using Psychotronic Technology sound waves are used to modulate free undifferentiated energy within the microphone resonator, and these weak subtle vibrations are then fed to a second resonator for amplification, before being passed through circuitry to make the remedy.

What is the range of Potencies that the device can produce?

The device can produce any X to LM Potency. It can also produce non conventional potencies, such as D or "Squared" for example.

Can the device recognise different languages or accents, and will the device still recognise what I want if I have a cold or throat infection?

Words are used to represent a thing or situation. Many different words (even different in language) can be used to represent the same thing. Therefore it makes no difference what language a person speaks in, as far as this device is concerned, they will get a remedy from whatever they ask for. Regional accents also make no difference, but it is important that the user speaks clearly into the device.

What difference would it make if I asked for Calc Carb rather than saying Calcarea Carbonica?

No difference - The user knows that Calc Carb is an abbreviation for Calcarea Carbonica.

Can I use the device if I am in a noisy environment, such as a railway station, or amongst a crowd of people?

It must be understood that this is a Psychotronic device and as such it is capable of performing functions that a solely electronic device could not do. The microphone input is designed to only take information from the voice of the user, e.g. the person who presses the record button, therefore the voice of anyone one else who speaks in a crowd or any other sound will not be inputted.

Will the device work if I press the record button down and someone else speaks?

NO, for the same reason as given above.

How do I know if the gadget really works?

Most people who work with vibrational medicine find at some time it helps to be able to dowse, usually with a pendulum, or to use muscle testing to find out if a remedy helps. If you can dowse with a pendulum ask it, "Does the Voice Programmed Healer work"?

If you cannot dowse please ask someone to dowse the question for you. If you have already purchased this equipment, you can test it by making a remedy that you know from past experience always helps you, and see if you get the same help when you use the machine.

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