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VPRM Software


Users old and new will be pleased to hear that it is now possible to enter remedy information from your computer and send it to the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker through the use of a special Transmitting Pickup and newly created software that you can access online without having to install anything, this software runs in your internet browser, and is compatible with Goggle Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari.


To use the software you must first attach the Transmitting Pickup to your Monitor using its built in wire hanger, then type into the screen what vibrational remedies you want, and press Enter on your keyboard, at which time those vibrations are then sent into the Temporary Memory of any Voice Programmed Remedy Maker ( or Combo Remedy maker ) that is within a distance of three feet. ( 36 inches )

Unlike the Software for the Combo Remedy Maker this is a much simpler version because the Voice Programmed Remedy Maker handles output power level though its built in circuitry, and you set the time period when you operate the Remedy Makers output switch. Never the less, this new feature is a huge expansion in the remedy makers capability, as now you can enter long and complicated remedy information that would be difficult to speak in without making a mistake !

The number of characters that can be entered per line is 64, making a total of 384 characters over the six available lines. This equates to aprox 18 Remedies and Potencies with long names or 36 Remedies and Potencies with short names. It could also be a Radionic Rate with about 375 numbers and a potency.

Note, whilst information you type into the screen isn't saved, there is nothing to stop you writing out whatever remedy information you want and saving it in Notepad or Word for Windows, then copying it and pasting it into to the program, as that will work just fine.


In addition if you don't like the background color you switch to any one of six color arrangements by pressing the color change button.

The Transmitting Pickup can be purchased for $90.00 plus shipping and has a wire hanger so you don't need to attach any velcro or anything else permently to your screen, you just bend the wire to fit your Laptop or Desktop Monitor, then hook it over the Monitor when you need to use it.


To read the instructions click here